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The institute Moulin offers two types of accommodation for your stay in Montpellier:


For the accommodation’s prices, see here: Link for the prices


If you want to immerse yourself in the French way of life and put you in a situation of total immersion, you can opt for this type of accommodation.

There are three different formulas:

     -with access to the kitchen. Your family will reserve you a space to store food in the refrigerator and cupboard. You agree with her moments of access to the kitchen.
     -with breakfast. Your family will offer breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be taken outside.
     -1/2 pension. Your family will take care of breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be taken outside.

For you to choose the most suitable family, we ask you to answer a questionnaire. So you can make certain requirements, such as a particular mode of supply (vegetarian, no pork ...), or a model you prefer family (family without children, non smoking ...).

Families sign a hosting agreement with the Institute to ensure the best possible reception. In return, you agree to abide by certain rules vis-à-vis family welcomes you (meal times, use of common areas, noise ...).

Specific rules apply to minor students: parental consent, release schedules, alcohol ...   

      famille accueil

Your host family will free you up from the airport or train station on the day of your arrival and you will deposit on the day of your departure. For this you will need to contact her to inform the arrival time. The institute Moulin communicates the details of your family after your registration.


To book your trip, you should know that arrivals are in families on Sunday and departure on Saturday.  


Accommodation hotel residence

If you want luxury accommodation, you can opt for accommodation in serviced apartments.

The Institute Moulin charge of booking the room or apartment in a luxury hotel.

To do this, you must apply to the Institute Moulin who will send you a quote.

The transfer from the airport or train station to the hotel is at your expense and is done on your own.

The Institute Moulin communicates the details of your hotel residence after your final registration.