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Cours de Français en Immersion

Vous voulez apprendre le français ou perfectionner vos acquis dans un cadre agréable, dans une ville dynamique, ensoleillée, proche de la Méditerranée, venez à l’Institut Moulin à Montpellier !

Nous vous proposons des cours de qualité dans une ambiance conviviale et chaleureuse.

Nous organisons également des activités culturelles et des excursions qui vous permettront de découvrir la région.

Vous pouvez réserver des séjours d’une semaine à plusieurs mois. Nous nous adaptons à vos besoins dans un souci permanent de vous satisfaire.






géorginaGeorgina Rice, 21, british, student

« Institut Moulin is a fantastic school that I can’t recommend enough. Even in just two weeks I have progressed for more than I thought I would and that is down to the high level of teaching they offer. Thank you very much!! »


 Andréa témoignageAndrea Cano Botero, 24, panamanian, student

"It's been an unforgettable experience, definitely the best way to learn French. I arrived without knowing the language at all, but soon I developed skills that helped me understand and be able to communicate with others. The great value I found in the Moulin Institute, in addition to its excellence, was the human quality of its staff. I enjoyed very much Montpellier, it is such a beautiful city."  


Photo PerfilPatricia Tabernero Estevez, 35, spanish, researcher

« It was a very friendly environment! Just what I needed. Marie-Line was great in providing advice about where to go, what to do in France/Montpellier. The classes were well structured. Fun! Easy to follow and personalized. »



Marianne Melle, 38, norwegian, human resources

« It has been a great week. I have progressed a lot, and the programme has been tailormade. I think the school tries to find the correct level for the students and gives the programme that makes sure each student advances in their needs. The accommodation has been great ! »



Diego Lorenzini, 33, swiss, student

« Les enseignantes étaient vraiment communicatives, compétentes et serviables. L’atmosphère était familière et chaleureuse. Les cours étaient très bien structurés et variés.
La femme d’accueil était très chaleureuse et cuisinait formidablement bien »   


nataliaNatalia Solarova, 22, slovak, student

“The best language course I have ever attended, uncomparable with other language courses in Montpellier. I improved my French skills enormously and I also very much enjoyed myself during the classes. The teachers are very friendly and have an individual approach to every student. I recommend the course to everyone who wishes to really improve French and have fun at the same time in Montpellier. Simply excellent!”  

simoneSimone Zevrain, 44, italian, medecin

"This year I decided to do a different kind of holiday. I went to Montpellier to take a course of French. At the beginning I had a basic knowledge of French. However, at the school Moulin I learned many French words and grammar rules in just two weeks. Now I can hold a simple conversation in French. All thanks to the skills of the teachers of the school Moulin, who are very nice. They developed a fun way to make people learn French."  

marie otelieMarie Otelie Line, 21, norwegian, teacher

“J’adore l’Institut Moulin. Mon professeur ici est excellente! I can recommend this school to those who consider a language course. My homestay was the best. I feel so lucky to have met this wonderful woman. It is 30 seconds from the school as well. Excursions were very funny. The guide was very nice, cute and clever! So satisfied!”


robert goldrichRobert Goldrich, 51, american, Senior Policy Advisor for the City of New York

"L’école et les cours étaient fantastiques.  Avec l’aide de mon professeur, j’ai pu progresser rapidement au niveau B2. Chaque classe comprenait un mélange de grammaire, exercices oraux, lecture et écriture que j’ai trouvé très utile. Aussi, les cours étaient très amusants."